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The Mortgage Process

What are the steps to getting a Mortgage?

Our aim is to make the mortgage process as simple as possible and provide specialist advice throughout each step. We constantly refine our system to take the hard work out of the loan process. The guide below offers a breakdown on the steps we will guide you through towards a loan acceptance.


Initial Consultation

  • When you reach out to us, one of our specialists will speak with you over the phone or in person to assess your current situation.

  • In this conversation we talk about you - your needs goals and aspirations. From there we will ask some basic questions to get a gauge for your broader position. This is obligation free and only takes a few minutes. 

  • Once we understand your vision and situation, we can work towards the step we need to take to get there. 



Provide Documents & Information

  • Now we have a direction for your application, we obtain some more specific information and documents. This allows us to form an application on your behalf which will be sent to the most suitable lenders. Learn about how our specialists build an application with the highest chance of approval.

  • This process can now be done from the comfort of your home through our easy to use online portal. The portal guides you through all the information and documents banks will need to see for an application.

  • If you prefer a human touch we can assist this step in person or over the phone at a time that suits you. 



  • The banks will now assess the application and our specialists will advise how long it will take to receive an answer.

  • During this step, our specialists may need to rework the application to gain the approval

  • After the application has been assessed successfully, we will obtain an approval from selected lenders. 




  • With the pre-approval gained, you can now confidently look for properties within your budget.

  • The pre-approval will include conditions that will need to be met before a full approval is obtained. Our specialists will continue to guide you through meeting these conditions.  

  • Looking for a property should be an exciting stage of your life and having a pre-approval gives you the peace of mind to make an offer. Conditional approvals reduce the time to obtain finance which makes your offer stronger!


Unconditional Approval

  • You have now found a property and have made an offer subject to finance! We will work with you to meet your remaining conditions and obtain an unconditional approval. 

  • Once your loan offer is unconditional, you can confidently pay your deposit and enter in the contract. This will allow the bank to offer interest rates and any cash you may be entitled to. 


Benefits of using a Mortgage Broker

Now you know how the mortgage process works, learn about the value that our specialists offer as part of our service.



Structure & Interest Rates

  • Now the loan is unconditional, the bank will offer you their best interest rates and a cash payment if applicable.

  • Our advisors provide easy to understand information on the wider economic market to ensure you are making the most informed interest rate decision. 

  • We will cover suitable aspects of the Loan Structure which can include splitting the loan across various interest rates and using different mortgage products. The relevance of these mortgage products will depend on your situation and we will guide you through this.



  • Now the structure is locked in the process is nearly finished. If you are a new customer to the bank you will need to create an account which the bank support staff will organise with you directly.

  • If you are purchasing a property you will need to visit the lawyer to sign the loan structure documents. You will need to verify your identity and supply your home insurance evidence.

  • This is the final step of the process, you will now own your first home!

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